What's the first step?

An initial consultation at your home (for which there is no charge) where we can establish a scope and budget for the project.

Who will build the project?
We have our own staff of highly skilled carpenters. They are experienced in the specific complexities of remodeling. Currently we employ five crews and a trim specialist.

What is the normal project range that you perform?
An average size project costs $200,000, but projects can range from $100-500,000, more for custom homes.


How do you charge for your services?

We break the process down into 3 phases:
  • A conceptual design phase which puts the project on paper with floor plans, elevations and specifications and estimates. This is the most critical phase because it determines the direction of the whole project. It takes about three months.

  • Working drawing phase. This develops the design from which our carpenters and trades people build and also serves as a permit set. This phase is typically based on 5 to 6% of the estimated cost.

  • Construction; a contract with a start date, finish date and a draw schedule.
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